Judith Alsop Miles

Watercolour Artist and Plein-air Painting

Saturday25 June 2022

“It was a sad forsaken valley at the moorend long before the two large reservoirs were made, for the old watermills that stood by the trout stream had been closed for years. It is the old story of time and change, death and desolation sweeping away life and prosperity. One or two farms were occupied but the houses of the millworkers in the hamlets and along the hillsides were black ruins. Some were roofless, the windows broken, grass grew on the doorsteps and covered the lanes from wall to wall. The paths were untrodden and now hardly one can be traced through the fields from stile to stile.” 

Ammon Wrigley, O'er the Hills and Far Away

A grassy track leads down the hillside towards the head of the valley which is the site of two reservoirs built in the 1880s. The remains of three small woollen mills were submerged under the reservoirs. 

This painting captures a sense of nostalgia - related to both my own childhood roaming free in this valley on long summer days and to the valley's history - mingled with the happiness I feel when walking through this landscape. 

The third in a series entitled "In the Footsteps of Ammon Wrigley".

Large watercolour on heavy 100% cotton paper. This piece comes in an off-white mount ready for framing to your requirements.

Image size: 53 x 35 cm
Mount size: 65 x 46 cm


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