Judith Alsop Miles

Watercolour Artist and Plein-air Painting

Wednesday28 February 2024

“The stranger wandering along the hillsides will see much that tells him of a vanished people. He will see cow lanes that run to blind ends, a few ragged hawthorns that once formed part of a garden fence, gaps in crumbling walls stopped up with beams from old handlooms and oak beams from barn and farmhouse.”

Ammon Wrigley, O'er the Hills and Far Away

A row of ancient hawthorns stands guard over a quiet rural valley that was once a thriving community of woollen mills, farms and workers' cottages. This painting captures a sense of nostalgia - related to both my own childhood roaming free in this valley on long summer days and to the valley's history - mingled with the happiness I feel when walking through this landscape. 

The second in a series entitled "In the Footsteps of Ammon Wrigley".

Large watercolour on heavy 100% cotton paper. This piece comes in an off-white mount ready for framing to your requirements.

Image size: 53 x 35 cm
Mount size: 65 x 46 cm