Judith Alsop Miles

Artist and Urban Sketcher

Monday19 August 2019

House Portraits

Benalla House 1
Benalla House 2
Castletown, Isle of Man
Church Farm
Deer Park
Dutch House
Lower Stones
Place du Presbytère
Ridge Farm

The image gallery above shows some of Judith's recent commissions. These have been painted for clients from all over the world from photographs supplied, or even in some cases from Google Streetview. 

Please contact Judith to arrange to paint your home, or any scene, anywhere in the world!


"I commissioned two pictures from Judith, one for my son and one for my husband. I love them both as do they. The picture of my son’s house captured it beautifully, it is not a beautiful house but Judith captured its charm and feeling. It is a wonderful memory  of happy times he spent in France.

The picture of our house for my husband is a true likeness and again the charm and feeling of the place comes through so well. We love the bright colours and we love our full wood shed!" 

M. C. , France

"When I first saw Judith's artwork through a friend’s Facebook page, I was immediately intrigued by her watercolours and particularly her work with shadows; I must add that I also loved her graphite and pen and ink sketches.

On my bucket list was a graphite sketch of our old family home as it was before renovation, surrounded by the wilderness of the overgrown garden, and then a watercolour of how it is now.  We commissioned Judith by sending her photos of our home and we are absolutely delighted with the finished pictures. They were then posted to us in Australia, beautifully packed and Judith even suggested what sort of frames to look for. We took her advice and now have the finished paintings hanging proudly on our wall."

J. & A. C., Australia